P. O. Box 130 San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize 501.627.8700

About Us


The Caye Education Foundation was founded by Alberto Villanueva, Clive Brewster, Janet Bateman, Josh Buettner, and Delfina Hoare after they came to the unavoidable and critical realization that something needed to be done to make secondary education accessible to a wider segment of the youth of San Pedro / Belize. These five individuals conceived and embarked upon this noble mission in May of 2016. The Foundation takes its inspiration from the statement below and relies on voluntary donations to allow the maximum number of students possible to attain a quality high school education.

Someone once said, “One candle can light a thousand more and never itself be affected.” Therefore, individually and collectively, we can impart our knowledge and experience to the next generation as we aim to enhance and enrich the future quality of life on the island and ensure that the light continues to be a bright one.


To sponsor, nurture, and mentor the high school students of San Pedro / Belize through the complete four-year secondary curriculum in order to maximize the full academic and vocational potential of the next generation.


  • Raise sufficient fund to be able to pay for underprivileged youths of San Pedro / Belize to attend a minimum of four years of high school.
  • Support those in the program with tutoring, mentoring, and other forms of guidance, as needed, to complete four years of high school and obtain the best education possible.
  • Provide opportunities for students to observe different businesses and professions in order to see what is available and of interest to them.
  • Provide leadership counselling via experienced personnel with expertise in different fields.
  • Where possible, seek individuals with certain professional backgrounds to counsel the youth in the indicated fields.
  • Assist students in the program with college and grant applications.
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